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Case Discussions

CASE DISCUSSIONS are carried out nearly every week at Deben Valley Equine Vet Clinic.

All vets sit down together and work through the list of cases seen during the previous 7+ days.

This means that all vets know about all the horses and donkeys treated by the clinic.  This is also the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, assess which treatments appear to be most effective, discuss the latest research into a particular condition and review an individual's horse's progress.

No vet can possibly know everything, but if we can't find the answer from our extensive library or journal collection; we will research the condition via professional peer-reviewed internet sites or phone a vet from another clinic or hospital who is an expert in that field (these are not always in the UK!) 


We will also discuss any training courses (CPD) we have been on and share knowledge that we have gained from speaking to a nutritionist or a medicine professor. 

We pride ourselves on our desire to provide the best possible care and advice for your horse; this is fuelled by our thirst for knowledge. 

CPD is Continuing Professional Development and is compulsory for all UK vets; in 2013 we spent over £3000 on CPD.