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Ragwort Control

Get on top of any ragwort in or near your fields before a small patch turns into a huge problem!  Each ragwort plant produces many thousands of seeds, so it is important to pull up each plant with its roots before it can set seed. 


It is even more important that you WEAR GLOVES to do this – the same toxins that damage your horse’s liver when eaten can also be absorbed across your skin and damage YOUR liver too!  The British Horse Society Welfare Department provide free literature and advice on ragwort control, and can help you organise ragwort pulling parties to get your grazing free of this dangerous plant.  Go to the BHS website or call 01926 707807 for more information.

Stopping ragwort from growing is especially important in light of new research showing that even when ragwort is not visible in hay, it can be present at high enough levels to cause liver disease.  Using state-of-the-art chromatography and spectrometry techniques, researchers examined hay from a batch that had been fed to horses which developed diarrhoea and raised liver enzymes.  No ragwort was visible in the hay to the naked eye, but significant levels of ragwort toxins were found. 

Take home message – you can’t tell whether or not hay is free of ragwort just by looking at it!  Carrying out thorough control of ragwort is the only practical way to minimise the risk of contamination of hay with this deadly weed!

Ragwort Fork