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Dental Mondays 

One Monday every month at the clinic

Monday 4 June 2018

Monday 9 July 2018

Special price: £45 which includes a set dose of sedation (2ml romifidine or 0.5mls detomidine), a full mouth examination and routine dental rasping.

This is a great opportunity to save money, use our superb facilities i.e. stocks and head rest to allow a thorough examination, in a calm environment with assistance if needed.

Phone to book your time slot - 01728 685123


What does a routine dental check up involve?

Visual and hands on examination of the horse’s head. Check incisors, jaw alignment and movement. Assess horse’s demeanour, are they anxious or painful? Using a Hausmann gag, check tongue, cheeks, gums and lips, looking for ulcers, food packing, gaps between teeth(diastema) and areas of pain.  Teeth are checked for correct positioning, looseness, overgrowths, sharp points, ridges, fractures, caries (decay). Checking is carried out by feeling and visually with a light +/- mirror.  Creating a dental chart at every examination to record the dental history of the horse.