We are pleased to announce that non-essential services such as vettings (PrePurchase Examinations) are now permissible under strict government guidelines.

Seen a horse you would like to buy?

Have you seen it work & then ridden it yourself; preferably more than once and taken a knowledgeable friend or instructor with you. Do you like it and feel it is capable of the work you would like it do? Preferably performed that work when you tried it out.

Asked the seller about its history – working and veterinary.

Still your dream horse? then book your vetting; always better to find out as much information as you can before you have paid for it.  The vet will help you make an informed decision about the suitability of the horse for your needs. 

See https://www.debenvalleyvet.co.uk/information-summary/vettings-prepurchase-examinations-guidance-during-covid-19-pandemic/

Thank you